All about Zircona Studios

I’m Rhiannon, illustrator, author and graphic designer. After finishing up my graphic design degree I went travelling and ended up writing and illustrating three novels, eight children’s books and working with a huge variety of great clients through different studios. I started Zircona Works as a publishing imprint for my various storytelling projects, and decided to start Zircona Studios as a way for me to bring my creative knowledge to others.

My practice has a strong focus on illustration and crafting original content. Illustration brings a unique quality to any graphic design piece and it also has incredible utility when making a brand original. A small illustrative ornament or element in a layout immediately customises it and makes it unlike any other design piece.

With all of my clients, I aim to foster a courteous and friendly relationsip which facilitates collaboration long-term. I especially like working with clients just beginning their endeavours and helping guide them to a solution which delights and empowers them.

“Rhiannon is extremely skilled in all areas of graphic design, and we are impressed and happy with her ability to design and her strong artistic sense.


She has considerable experience crafting marketing identities and in illustration. Rhiannon is able to guide us to design solutions that best fit our needs and the needs of our clients.”

MK Pandey

CE, InEtom Solutions